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Peace of haven

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Olive Garden Country Lodge, almost invisibly hidden in a dramatic sea of fynbos, is a destination for those who want to lose themselves in nature......

..... But who don't want to compromise on luxury at the same time. This happy combination is typical of Gina and Fernand who are serious back-to-nature conservationists, passionate about the wild things that crowd round the lodge and especially the extra virgin olive oil that they produce; but also Epicurean in their tastes.

If my room can be likened to a restaurant it would have a Michelin star - its open fire the oven, its beds a perfect souffle perhaps. Why all the food analogies? Listen up, I'll only say this one hundred times "they are nothing short of magicians in the kitchen. I just would never have thought that the best sushi I would ever taste would be in a remote olive grove in the South African mountains and made by a Belgian. Then came the meltingly tender pieces of home-reared mutton; and then more than one slice of fruit tartine. I think a few appreciative expletives may have escaped me at some point....

Good job the lodge has its own hiking trail, winding its way through olive groves and up the mountain that cradles the lodge. Looking back across the view my mouth made a perfect "a-o" and this time it had nothing to do with food.

Gina was right, this place is a slice of heaven.